Businesses sector of two countries discussed cooperation between Russia and India

On November 23, a presentation of the Novosibirsk region for the representatives of Indian businesspersons hold online via Zoom. The presentation aimed at developing trade and economic cooperation between Novosibirsk and Indian companies.

The event was attended by the Russian Trade Representative in the Republic of India Alexander Rybas, the President of the INDIA-CIS Chamber of Commerce and Industry Jyotsna Dube Choudhri, General Director of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Novosibirsk Region Alexander Zyryanov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee on International Cooperation and Foreign Economic Affairs of the NCCCI Arkadiy Kurmakaev, Deputy Director of the Investment Promotion Agency of the Novosibirsk Region Vasiliy Plotnikov, the Vice-President of the Novosibirsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry Anna Boyko.

The Russian Trade Representative in the Republic of India Alexander Rybas welcomed the participants of the meeting and noticed that it was the third event with Novosibirsk region this year. The Russian Federation has the 25 position among the Indian suppliers.

In 9 months of 2021, the trade turnover between India and the Russian Federation increased by 38% and amounted to 9 billion dollars. The main areas of interaction between India and the Novosibirsk region are scientific and educational, technical, textile industry, mechanical engineering, construction, agriculture, fuel and energy complex, healthcare, tourism and culture.

Mrs. Jyotsna Dube Choudhri noticed that there was a long-term partnership between India and the Russian Federation. In the frame of pandemic, the online negotiations can establish mutual business relations between entrepreneurs of two countries.  Mrs. Jyotsna Dube Choudhri offered to two Chambers of Commerce and Industries of the Novosibirsk region to discuss opportunities of cooperation and in 2022 hold different events.

Mr. Plotnikov told about the economic potential of the Novosibirsk region, peculiarities of economic development of the region. The Novosibirsk region’s economy is a multi-sectoral complex, based on transportation and logistics services, industrial production, trade, agriculture, and science — this allows the region’s economy to be resistant to crisis phenomena. Novosibirsk is a major scientific innovation and educational center of Russia.

Arkadiy Kurmakaev told about the foreign economic activity of the NCCCI. Therefore, in 2021 the members of NCCCI participated in the online meeting with the Russian trade representative in India, who told the participants about the advantages of the Indian market and the promising directions for export development.

In September a meeting with Mr. Anil Mehta, Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of India “Atmanirbhar Global” was held in the NCCCI, where the parties agreed in advance on the joint B2B, exhibitions organization and business delegations exchange.

Summing up the results of the meeting, the parties noted the mutual interest in the development of long-term trade and economic relations and agreed to cooperate in holding business events with participation of Novosibirsk and Indian businesspersons.