Novosibirsk region


The Novosibirsk region was established on September, 28, 1937. The region is a part of Siberian Federal District and is located almost in the heart of Russia. The territory of the Novosibirsk Region occupies 178.2 thousand square kilometers. It borders on the Omsk, Tomsk and Kemerovo, Altai regions. It also borders on Kazakhstan, the neighboring country of Russia. The administrative center of the region is the city of Novosibirsk. It is 3.191 km far away from Moscow. The city is built on the banks of the river Ob.

The population of the Novosibirsk Region is around 2 million 731 thousand people, including 2 million 135 thousand urbanites.

One of the competitive advantages of the Novosibirsk region is the high level of economic diversification, where harmoniously combined transport and communications, construction, agriculture, trade, and development of industrial sector, focused on the market B2B, and the final consumer.

Industrial production is one of the main components of the regional economy. The share of industrial production in the gross regional product of the Novosibirsk region is nearly 20%. Leading industry is engineering and metalworking (electrical equipment, aircraft and instrumentation, manufacturing machinery, equipment and agricultural machinery). Food industry, chemical industry, building materials industry are also well developed. Novosibirsk region one of the main producers of agricultural products in Russia.

The perspectives of Novosibirsk economy are connected with transport and logistics infrastructure, with the production of high-tech, with education and research activity.


Novosibirsk is getting popular as Business Centre of the Asian part of Russia. Novosibirsk Multi-Modal Transportation Centre ranks the second in the country according to its main features. Trans-Siberian Railway, Federal highways, the largest in Siberia aviation complex, Customs and warehouse terminal capacities provide the solution of all the problem of «to the door» transportation.

GP «West-Siberian Railway»

Tel: 8 (800) 775-00-00

Cargotransportation: http://cargo.rzd.ru/http://eng.rzd.ru/

Transportation of cargo and passenger, loading & unloading operations, transportation-expedition services, rolling-stock maintenance services.

OJSC » Tolmachevo Airport»

Air ticket office: +7 (383) 216-97-50, +7 (383) 216-97-51



The history of Tolmachevo Airport began on 12th of July 1957, when Tu-104 jet made the first passenger flight to Moscow. Today the airport became an independent enterprize with the status of international airport. It is one of the forth biggest and well-equipped Russian airports. It is advantageously and beneficially situated in the middle of the Europe-Asia routes and Nothern America-Asia cross Polar routes. The airport is connected with over 80 cities in Russia, CIS and abroad by direct flights and located just in 17 kilometers away from Novosibirsk, the third biggest Russian city with population about 2 million inhabitants. Runway — 3600 meters long-allows to handle all types of aircrafts. Centralized aircraft refueling system, comparatively disengaged apron and short taxiways of the airport allow to cut time-wasting during aircraft refueling and taxiing. Transit hall of the terminal offers high service of highly qualified personnel for passengers.

Novosibirsk River Port Co.

Tel: +7 (383) 223-19-53

Transportation of cargo & passengers, loading and unloading operations, towing of river vessels, rafts etc., transportation and expedition service.


Novosibirsk region – one of the largest research centers of the Russian Federation, leading in the field of science and technology for over 50 years.

Scientific compl ex of the region includes the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology «Vector», 51 academic institutions and more than 60 specialized research, design and technological and design institutes, 100 large and 1700 small technology-innovative enterprises.

Together with scientific complex the innovative structure of the Novosibirsk region includes technopark “Novosibirsk”, medical technopark, technopark in the area of biotechnology in Koltsovo, business incubators, innovation competence centers, youth centers for development of creative abilities on the system «school-high school».

Novosibirsk region develops dozens of projects in the field of nanotechnology industry. There works unique plants producing of lithium-ion batteries, nanoceramics.

Priority areas of science and technology research institutions of the region are: development of mineral resource base, nanotechnologies and nanomaterials; technology of deep processing of hydrocarbons; new technologies in medicine and biotechnology; energy efficiency, energy conservation, nuclear power.


Novosibirsk is a cultural centre of Siberia. The city is known by theatrical art, great music culture, handicrafts and folk groups, creative unions and associations. The cultural life of the city is widely represented by the variety of art galleries and museums. Many big cultural events take place in Novosibirsk: for example, International Christmas Festival.

Novosibirsk State
Academic Opera
& Ballet House

The Novosibirsk Opera House is an architectural marvel in itself. It is the largest in Russia (it’s space is 65000 square meters more than that of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow!) and among the largest in the world! Its first theatrical season was opened on May, 12th — during the days when all the country celebrated victory in the Second World War. During the war, the exhibits from world-famous museums of Moscow (Tretyakovskaya Gallery), Leningrad (Hermitage), Novgorod, Sevastopol and other Soviet cities were kept and saved here. At present, the Theater houses two permanent ballet and opera companies, well-known throughout the world.

Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society

Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society – large concert organization. Each month it performs about 60 concerts at various halls in the city. Currently, Novosibirsk State Philharmonic Society represents more than 20 creative teams, including: Novosibirsk Academic Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra, «Filarmonica» quartet, Vocal ensemble «Markell’s Voices», Jazz Band «Siberian dixieland» and others.


Academgorodok was founded in 1957. It located twenty kilometers south of the city center Novosibirsk, on the right bank of the Ob Sea. Is one of the most important scientific and educational centers in Russia. On the territory of Akademgorodok work dozens of research institutes, the Presidium of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Novosibirsk State University, Physics and Mathematics School.

Novosibirsk Planetarium

Novosibirsk Planetarium – a unique structure, which is competitive to the Moscow Planetarium. Its main functions are educational and scientific work. Also it is the base for children’s Astrophysics Centre.

The total area of the planetarium – 7.5 hectares, in addition to the main building Center for Astrophysics, it includes astronomical park, tower Foucault, playground. Planetariumbuildinghasoriginaldesignresemblingalien’sspaceship.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built in 1897 (one of the first stone-buildings of the city), but by 1937 was closed. In 1988 it was decided to give the Cathedral back to the Russian Orthodox church, and by 1992 it was fully reconstructed.

The Chapel of St. Nikolai

In 1915, in honor of the 300-year anniversary of the Romanov Dynasty, The Chapel of St. Nikolai was built and served as a symbolic center of the Russian Empire. During the years of communism the chapel was destroyed; and later became the site for a Stalin monument, which has been destroyed after the exposure of the Stalin personality cult. The Chapel was restored for the celebration of the city’s 100-year anniversary and as before it bears the name of St. Nikolai.

The Regional Museum of Local Lore, History and Economy

The Museum presents the history and ethnography of Siberia. Some of the expositions are: A Thousand Year Panorama of Siberia, The Native People of Siberia, The Region at the End of XIX Century/ Mode of Life, The History of Novonikolaevsk Beginning, A Fashion in XIX century, Development of Siberia in XVI-XIXc and During the Soviet Period. The Siberian Flora and Fauna expositions include: Nature, Birds, Insects, Fish and Aquarium, and Geology + Magic Stone World — Siberian and Far East stones, from the collection of The Mining Institute.

Museum of the Sun

For over 10 years in Akademgorodok there exists a somewhat unique Museum of the Sun. It is the only museum in the world where, thanks to the efforts of its founder and director Mr. Valery Lipenkov, they have collected various images of the Sun — embossments, embroideries, carvings from various materials, etc. — totaling over 350 objetes d’art. Each image has its unique character and, most certainly, history. The basis of the museum was a private collection of images of the Sun and Sun gods of the ancient civilizations, made in wood following archeological findings.


Novosibirsk State Art Museum is the largest museum of the city and one of the best cultural centers of Siberia. The exposition includes samples of ancient Russian art, works of famous Russian artists as D.Levitsky, V.Borovikovsky, K.Bryullov, I.Repin, I.Levitan, I.Shishkin,V.Surikov, I. Mashkov, R. Falk, K.Petrov-Vodkin, P.Konchalovsky. The museum has a rich collection of Western European and Russian engraving, sculpture collection, antique casts, samples of Russian and Soviet arts and crafts.

Zoological Garden

Zoological Garden is situated in a beautiful forested park. The Novosibirsk Zoo keeps 4000 animals of 399 species. More than 120 species are entered into the Red Book. A zoological team participates in 32 international programs on preservation and reproduction of rare and endangered species. The Novosibirsk Zoo has contact with more than 100 Zoos in the world and is a member of the European Association of Zoos and Aquariums. It is the only Zoo entered into the International Directors Union. Among all the world’s Zoos, only the Novosibirsk Zoo possesses the unique argali and Putoransky ram.

Museum «Siberian Birchbark»

Museum «Siberian Birchbark» – the world’s only museum of modern birchbark art. The museum has a unique collection of more than 200 items of arts and crafts from birchbark professional artists of Siberia. The museum was opened on 27 June 2002 in a wooden house built in 1917, which is now an architectural monument of the city of Novosibirsk.


Novosibirsk region is a tourist center in Siberia, where large congress and exhibition, business, sports and cultural activities take place. The region is also has various recreational resources: mineral springs and mud, salt lakes, hunting and fishing resources.

Business tourism

«Novosibirsk Expocentre» – is exhibition center with unique technological equipment. It designed and built according to the most modern technologies of construction using the concept of «green building».

In the «Novosibirsk Expocentre» major events take place. Amongthem:

  • International Forum of technological development «Tehnoprom»;
  • International Building and Interior Exhibition – SIBBUILD;
  • International exhibition of construction machinery, equipment and technologies;
  • International Real Estate Exhibition – SIBCOMAK / SIBSTROYEXPO;
  • International Exhibition for heating, water supply, plumbing, air conditioning, ventilation and equipment for pools, saunas and spa – AQUA -THERM NOVOSIBIRSK;
  • International exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories – SIBSHOES ;
  • International exhibition of machinery and metal – MASHEX SIBERIA;
  • Exhibition of the Hospitality Industry – HOREX SIBERIA;
  • International Exhibition «Travel and Tourism» – SITT;
  • International Exhibition and Scientific Congress «Electronic geo-space in the service of society» – Interexpo GEO SIBERIA;
  • International Medical Exhibition – MEDIMA Siberia;
  • Specialized Exhibition of transport, transportation, logistics — TRANSSIBERIA

More information: http://www.novosibexpo.ru/