In the Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a meeting with representatives of the U.S. Embassy

On May 24, the president of the Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry Yuri Bernadsky met with the First Secretary Chief of the Political Internal Unit Erik Holmgren and the Second Secretary Political Section David Horn.

The meeting was held in the framework of the visit of representatives of American diplomats in Novosibirsk. Mr. Holmgren noted that the main purpose of the visit is familiarization with the economic and social life of the region, the investment climate and international relations of the Novosibirsk region.

Yuri Bernadsky noted the role of the Chamber in the economic life of the region. The Novosibirsk City Chamber of Commerce and Industry comprises about 400 enterprises of large, medium- and small-size business in the city of Novosibirsk. Members of NCCCI are industrial, R&D, trade, public and service organizations. The Chamber represents the interests of small, medium and big business and encompasses all business sectors – manufacturing, domestic and foreign trade, agriculture, finance system and services.

Erik Holmgren told that during the visit he had an impression of economic and political stability in Novosibirsk. Despite the fact that the Novosibirsk region does not have mineral reserves, the region has a positive development dynamics. Novosibirsk is a large industrial, commercial and educational center, its geographical location allows foreign trade operations both with European countries and with countries of the Asia-Pacific region. He expressed hope for the maintenance of economic ties and business contacts between the countries.