NCCCI held a meeting with the Council General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam

The delegation of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam headed by the Council General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg Mr. Dinh Van Dong visited Novosibirsk region. NCCCI held a meeting on 20th June.

The event was attended by the Council General of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg Mr. Dinh Van Dong, the Council of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam in Ekaterinburg Mr. Huyen Anh Tuan, President of the NCCCI Yuri Bernadsky, vice-president Tatyana Bernadskaya, Chairman of the NCCCI on International Cooperation and Foreign Trade Activities Victor Ovchinnikov, representative of the Bank Club of Novosibirsk Artemiy kashuba, director of the Electro-Direct LLC Pavel Sosnovsy and others.

Yuri Bernadsky welcomed the participants of the meeting and presented the economic potential of the Novosibirsk Region, and pointed out that the relations between the region and Vietnam had entered a new stage of development because the decision to increase the potential for cooperation between the two countries made by the Governments of two countries. So that the mutual trade turnover is expected to reach 10 billion US dollars by 2025. The President of the NCCCI pointed out that one of the strategic directions of the Chamber is to develop international cooperation. For more than 20 years the Chamber has formed business missions of Novosibirsk businesspersons, organized the reception of foreign delegations and held B2B negotiations and meetings, including on-line.

Mr. Dinh Van Dong thanked for the reception and noted the great potential for the development of trade and economic relations for Vietnamese and Novosibirsk entrepreneurs. However, there are some barriers to trade relations — lack of national currencies, no direct air links and complicated logistics. Vietnam is interested in investors, as well as companies engaged in wood processing, companies interested in the procurement of IT components, so it is important to open direct flights to the Novosibirsk region in order to develop trade and tourism.

Pavel Sosnovsky told that Novosibirsk is one of the major centers of radioelectronics. Novosibirsk companies closely cooperate with Vietnam in terms of microchips, electronic modules, so the parties have wide opportunities for cooperation.

Victor Ovchinnikov said that Novosibirsk developers are working on a project to create a product of mutual settlements based on blockchain technology, and if it is successfully tested, a pilot project would be launched, which can carry out settlement transactions between entrepreneurs from different countries. Therefore, Novosibirsk and Vietnam have prospects for further strengthening of business relations.

At the end of the meeting, the parties agreed on further cooperation and usage of the platform of the NCCCI for mutually beneficial partnership.