Russian companies have got acquainted with the Marakand industrial area

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation held a videoconference with a presentation of the opportunities of the Marakand industrial area.. It is located in Samarkand in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

The meet was attended by the Trade Representative of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Uzbekistan Konstantin Zlygostev, Executive Director of the Russian-Uzbek Business Council Fedor Degtyarev, Deputy Director of the Department of International Cooperation and Licensing in the sphere of foreign trade of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia Artur Galiullin, General Director of «MARAKAND LOGAIR» Ikrom Yadgarov, Director of «Alexander BRAUNFIELD» Anton Kiryanov, as well as more than 100 companies-members of chambers of commerce and industry.

Fedor Degtyarev named the main goal of creating industrial areas as economic development, increasing production and export of goods, as well as creating new jobs. In addition, industrial areas allow investors to get access to modern infrastructure.

Artur Galiullin said that thanks to the creation of industrial areas in friendly countries, particularly in Uzbekistan, common problems will be solved with greater ease. The Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade has focused both financial and non-financial support measures on simplification of mutual trade, primarily bank financing, compensation of logistics costs to make it easier for businesses to enter foreign markets, and implementation of new support measures, such as localization of Russian companies abroad.

Konstantin Zlygostev noted Uzbekistan’s economy as one of the largest in the Central Asian region. Among the leading countries in the total volume of Uzbekistan’s foreign trade, Russia ranks 1st, followed by China, Kazakhstan, Turkey and South Korea. In 2023, trade turnover between Russia and Uzbekistan is expected to grow to $10.1 billion.

Ikrom Yadgarov made a presentation of the Marakand industrial area project. Priority directions of development of «Marakand» will be the creation of production of finished products with the involvement of residents from Russia, Uzbek-Russian joint ventures in such sectors as metal processing, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, production of automotive components, construction materials.

The industrial area is located on the territory with a total area of 64 thousand square meters between the international airport of Samarkand and the main transit highway of Uzbekistan. The project envisages creation of such key facilities as industrial cluster (technopark), warehouse complex, customs area and air services, social and trade cluster. The project implementation schedule is divided into stages from 2023 to 2029. By 2025, the industrial area will be completed, so by that time the first residents can plan to start work.

Anton Kiryanov presented the potential for renovation of industrial sites within the framework of brownfield investment projects. The project undertakes tasks related to freeing enterprises and regions from unprofitable, non-operational and hazardous facilities, modernization of production enterprises, processing and recycling of industrial and construction waste.

At the end of the event the speakers of the conference answered the questions of the participants, expressed hope for the development of free economic area and fruitful cooperation.